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Highest Paying Url Shortener are those websites which works same like other popular Shortener such as Bit.ly, but here on Highest Paying Url shortener you can earn money by shortening links. so, today in this post I am going to tell you about every best url shortener on Internet so, you can earn money without wasting your time on scam sites.

Best Link Shortener,Highest Paying Url Shortener

Best Link Shortener Websites List – Highest Paying Url Shortener in India

you can easily find many websites by searching “earn money with short url” keywords on the Google but I can not say that all of those websites are paying well or which one is 100% legit but believe here in below list you can find all legit & best url shortener to make money online.

1. Shrinkearn.com

they are saying that you can earn $20 on every 1000 visits by shortening Url on their website. you can also get 25% lifetime earnings of those people your going to invite next by sending your referral links in any whatsapp group.

They offers you 24X7 Hours Live Support, Live Traffic Tracking, Minimum payout is only $ 5 & you can withdraw your earning by these methods :- UPI, Paypal, Skrill or direct transfer to any Indian Bank Account.

2. Shortzon.com

Shortzon allows you to earn Daily 100 Dollar but before you start earn money with link shortener please read here about their payout rates. below is image of their payout rates which you can find by the link I earlier provided you.

earn money with link shortener, earn with url shortener

in this image you can find how much you can earn with url shortener on every 1000 views if you will received that traffic from that particular country. for more country details you can visit their payout rates page.

Like Url Shortener there are many ways to earn money online. If you want to know more about all that ways I will suggest you to Visit My Earn Money Online Without Investment Post in which you can find all different ways to make money online in India.

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