Make Online Money Without Investment By Online Jobs From Home

want to make money online with no any investment, I have created a collection of all type online jobs which you can do from your home and make online money without any investment.

Make Online Money without investment

Make Online Money Without Investment | Top 8 Online Jobs From Home

1. Wooplr

Wooplr is a free app that gives you an opportunity to create your online store freely. the best thing is you can create your store on or by their app in 2 minutes and sell their product and when some one purchase it you will get commission.

2. Amazon Affiliates

Amazon affiliates also gives in opportunity to make online money without investment just create your amazon affiliate account and get a affiliate link of product and send to your relatives or friends when someone purchase any Item, you will make commision on every sale.

3. Writing Articles

Write Custom Articles for clients and make money instantly, this is best way to make money online without investment you online need a computer or a laptop you can also start from your smartphone. there are many website where you can create your account and write an article for clients. If you can write articles in english language so, this will be a good job for you but if you can not write articles so don’t worry my next job idea for you.

4. Blogging

if you are good at writing in English or Hindi so, you can start your blog in no time. the best thing is blogging is you can write about your passion such as if are good in general knowledge so, you can start your new blog for writing about about knowledge. another example is if you are good at cooking so you can start your blog writing about cooking.

5. YouTube Channel

Just create your own youtube channel and make money online by uploading your own videos, you will aslo popular with making money. you can make video such as tech, travel blog, fashion vlog, etc.

6. App Referral

app referral is the best way to make money online you just need to find some app on google play store which will offers you paytm cash on your wallet o every refferall.

7. Making Money through Quiz app

there are many quiz app available in google app store just search for quiz app and you will get many app just install it and start making money thourgh it from your smart phone without any investment.

8. Become Instagram Influencer

Instagram Influencers can make money easily without any investment, you just need to create your instagram business account and follow any one niche such as travel, fashion, lifestyle, etc. and then ask your followers for purchase products by giving a link in your bio for any affiliate product which is best for your audience.

how to earn money online with google

there are many ways by which, you can make money online with google. but here I am talking about two way to make money with Google.

  1. Create a Blog
  2. Create a Youtube Channel

Create a blog on Blogspot – this is the best way to make money online with google, you only need to create a blog own which is also known as and than post some articles after you have done you can make money by enabling monetization.

Create your own Youtube Channel – this is the second opportunity which google offer for you, you can make money with google after enabling monetization on your youtube channel but only when you will complete 1k subscribers and 4000 hours watch time.

online earn money by typing

you can earn online money by typing you just need to search “typing job” on google and you can get your result. they can pay you up to $10- $40 daily based on your work for every article you will write.

online money earn apps

there are many quiz apps available on google play store such as Loco which can help you to make money online. you just need to install them and they will pay you for watching ads on their app and on completing other tasks.

earn money online without investment for students

If you are a student and wanna to earn money online without investment so you can do this jobs from your home.

start own wooplr account – you need to create only one account on wooplr and you can make money when someone purchases your item from the store.

earn money online PayPal

you can make money from Paypal in different ways

first on when you will create an account, and you can get 50% cashback on your first transaction. so, visit their website and claim your offer. you can simply get this cash back after creating your account on Paypal.

earn money online without investment

if you want to make money without investment so, you can do all upper jobs but I suggest you select your passion. first, you need to find your passion write about all the things in which you are good at one place and find better one from them. such as if you are good at photography so click some photos and sell it on the internet it will take some time but you will also earn fame with money.

earn money online without investment by clicking ads

There are many trustable websites on the internet which can help you to make money online without investment by clicking ads. you only need to create an account on their websites after it you can make money online easily. you do not need any single penny to invest in this, only you have one thing which is a smartphone or a computer.

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