Make Online Money Without Investment By Online Jobs From Home

want to make money online with no any investment, I have created a collection of all type online jobs which you can do from your home and make online money without any investment.

How to make online money without investment

Make Online Money Without Investment | Top 10+ Online Jobs From Home

1. Become Reseller

Like Meesho, Wooplr there are many other reselling Apps that offers you free products for reselling. you just need to download any of these app than you can start making money.

you can become a Meesho Reseller and you can make some extra money. your work is only find products from their collection and share with your friends or colleague, so if they interested so, they will purchase from the store you will make money. there are many other options available in app for making money online. if you have a smartphone so, you can download Meesho Android app now. after Joining you can start selling without any investment, here is a detail guide on Meesho.

Wooplr is also a free app that gives you an opportunity to create your online store freely. the best thing is you can create your store on wooplr.com or by their app in 2 minutes and sell their product and when some one purchase it you will get commission.

here is a full list of very popular reseller app in India

2. Amazon Affiliates

Amazon affiliates also gives in opportunity to make online money without investment just create your amazon affiliate account and get a affiliate link of product and send to your relatives or friends when someone purchase any Item, you will make commision on every sale.

3. Writing Articles

Write Custom Articles for clients and make money instantly, this is best way to make money online without investment you online need a computer or a laptop you can also start from your smartphone. there are many website where you can create your account and write an article for clients. If you can write articles in english language so, this will be a good job for you but if you can not write articles so don’t worry my next job idea for you.

4. Blogging

if you are good at writing in English or Hindi so, you can start your blog in no time. the best thing is blogging is you can write about your passion such as if are good in general knowledge so, you can start your new blog for writing about about knowledge. another example is if you are good at cooking so you can start your blog writing about cooking.

5. YouTube Channel

Just create your own youtube channel and make money online by uploading your own videos, you will aslo popular with making money. you can make video such as tech, travel blog, fashion vlog, etc.

6. App Referral

app referral is the best way to make money online you just need to find some app on google play store which will offers you paytm cash on your wallet o every refferall.

7. Making Money through Quiz app

there are many quiz app available in google app store just search for quiz app and you will get many app just install it and start making money thourgh it from your smart phone without any investment.

8. Become Instagram Influencer

Instagram Influencers can make money easily without any investment, you just need to create your instagram business account and follow any one niche such as travel, fashion, lifestyle, etc. and then ask your followers for purchase products by giving a link in your bio for any affiliate product which is best for your audience.

10. Become Tik Tok Star

Many of Girls from India investing their time in making Tik Tok videos because Tik Tok videos getting popularity fast than any other social networking platform. so, next time when you have free time take your phone and upload your video with lip-sync any trending song or famous dialogue. you can easily make money from Tik Tok but first aim to get ten thousand followers so, you can advertise any product or service infront of your audience. for more details about what is TIk Tok, How to start Making TIk Tok videos you can also read step by step guide to make money with Tik Tok.

11. Earn Money From PTC Sites

PTC sites are those sites which pay you for viewing and completing surveys and many others options to earn money online from Paid to click sites. what you need to have is only a smartphone or laptop/desktop to make money online from PTC sites in India. There is no any requirement to join this website. you can find a list of best PTC sites in India which provide you online jobs to do without any investment. this jobs you can easily do from your home by using a android smartphone. and thee is no minimum paypout you can easily withdraw your money every day using paypal, and any other options like bank transfer, etc.

12. Start Making Money By Link Shortener

Link Shortener are other type of website which give you opportunity to make money and drive cash flow into your bank account by Shorten Your Links. If you have used Bit.ly and Google Url shortener before so, you know that shortening a long url with these tools is very easy. you only need to paste long url on any of the Link Shortener Websites and it will be automatically shorten and than you can copy your shorten links & you can also share with your friends.

But do you know there are Many Url Shortener Website That gives you money on shortening Links so, visit & create your account. you can earn upto $ 100 daily so, start today Shortening Long Urls & share with your friends & Family.

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