Link Builder Job Description & Salary

link builder do the all type link building for any website to get high rank for their targeting keyword in search engines.

How To Become seo link builder

to become link builder you need to be have all below skills.

skills required

There are many link building skills which you need to have if you are going to apply for a Link Builder position in any digital marketing agency.

skill 1. social bookmarking

social bookmarking is the just sharing your any link to the pouplar social bookmarking sites such as scoop.it and reddit, etc.

How To Do Social Bookmarking

just create your account on social bookmarking sites and share you your link you want link building on which link.

High DA Popular Social bookmarking sites

  1. reddit
  2. mix.com
  3. ttlink.com
  4. refind.com
  5. scoop.it

skill 2. Business listing

business listing is also a type of link building. a link builder need to be able to create business profiles of an organization on every business listing sites. such as – Google Business, Justdial, etc.

How To do Business Listing

creating a business account of the organization on any of business listing sites is called business listing. below are the some steps to create and list a business.

  1. Find a business listing website.
  2. Create a business account
  3. fill all the required details such as – company details, contact details, official website and organization social accounts links.
  4. Upload profile image and cover Image.

High DA Popular Business Listing sites

  • http://www.deliverzip.com/
  • http://tupalo.com/
  • http://www.communitywalk.com/
  • http://www.lacartes.com/
  • https://www.trepup.com/

skill 3. Directory research and submission

link submission in web directory is also a part of link building. this skill also required to have if you are going to apply for this position.

How To do Directory Submission

doing directory submission for a website is very. you need to follow below steps to submit a link to any directory.

  • Find a directory which Domain Authority or Page Authority should be higher than 20.
  • now click on the submit link button.
  • it will takes you to a form in which you need to fill all the required details about your link such as – Link Title, Link description, Keywords, your email Id, Contact name.
  • and one thing more which is very important you need to select category according to your niche. other wise it will never help to increase your search ranking or it may be possible that your link submission should be rejected by moderator of directory.

High DA Popular Directory Submission sites

  • http://www.wayry.com/
  • http://www.fenixdirectory.info/
  • http://linksofchoice.com/
  • http://ananar.com/
  • http://www.searchdirectory.info/

skill 4. Status Reporting

status reporting is also important skill you need to have. with this skill a link builder update link building status in report which is going to be send to the client.

How to Check Link Building Status

to check link building status you need to open the link submission URL in incognito mode. submission URL is your Business Profile URL in Business Listing and profile URL in social bookmarking submission and so on. if it is showing it means your link building has been approved and if it is not showing so, it means that your submission is awaiting approval.

skill 5. Article submission

article submission also like directory submission but in article submission you need to submit full article on any article directory with Title, Keywords, Image if required.

How To Do article Submission

if you want to submit an article on any article directory. so, you need to find high domain authority article directory sites. below are some steps to do article submision.

  • Find High DA article directory on the web. you can start your search with search term ” instant approval Article Directory”
  • if you got your article directory click on submit article button.
  • you need to be create your account on article directory first.
  • submit article by filling Title, Description, Keywords, Images if required etc. note* please don’t submit copy paste article otherwise it will be rejected by moderator.

High DA Article submission sites

  • http://www.sooperarticles.com
  • https://justpaste.it
  • http://uberant.com
  • https://www.smore.com
  • https://www.wattpad.com

that’s it these are the most important skills which is required for this position but you need to updated on internet for more skill which will be comes after search engine algorithm update.

Link Builder Salary

if you are thinking about highest salary for a link builder position in any digital marketing agency so, according to payscale “a salary comparison website” a link builder can earn $35,375 a year.

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