How To Earn Money From Tik Tok – Step By Step Guide

you can make a huge amount like any youtuber or blogger after become a Tik TOk video creator.

What is TikTok App & Tik Tok Hearts ??

this is a a very easy and simple to use app. you can lip-sync to popular audios and songs with your camera or you can also upload a video with music.
Tik Tok Hearts is way by which viewers tells you that he/she like your video whenever you make a live Video. More Tik Tok Hearts you will collect you will become More popular on Tik Tok.

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How To Earn Money From Tik Tok

There are many ways to earn money from Tik Tok But you need to have atleast 10k followers below you can find many option by which you can easily make money from Tik Tok.

By Promoting Others

promoting someone else Tik TOk account on your Tik TOk account can easily gives you 10 to 12k every month easily. do you know I have 12k followers on Tik Tok so, I start to promote my friend on Tik TOk. my friend sells musical Items like guitars, harmonium, etc. he gives me 10 % for every sale. it makes me 15k every month for only making one post with my friends.

By Tik TOk Monetization

Tik TOk Monetization is another way to make money from This video app. a video creator can easily earn 15k to 20k by enabling monetization feature on Tik Tok. unfortunately this program is only available in beta but it can be full launch end of this year in India.

How To Get Likes on Tik Tok

to get more followers and likes on TIk-TOk you need to regulary upload videos. regulary means not every day but if you plan for one every week or after every two to three days. so, you can start posting regularly.

Make Funny Videos

making only funny videos for tiktok gives you fast likes and followers on this video app. so, start making tik tok funny videos to get high number of followers and likes.

TIk TOk Songs/ RIngtone selection

only select viral and trending audios and songs to make videos on tik tok because this type of videos connect viewers very fast result can easily increase your Like & Followers on TIk Tok.

Popular TikTok Star

Many peoples are becoming star and many already become using this app. Mr Faisu is one of the popular TikTok Star.

Mr Faisu is a very poupular on Tik Tok. His most videos are comedian but he become more popular after his account suspend due to policy violence.

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